The #1 exercise we use with our clients to improve balance, coordination, and strength (NOTE: you've probably never seen this exercise)

Our #1 Exercise Chosen for Men's Health Magazine

When Men's Health asked Taylor to contribute his #1 exercise for their Innovation Issue, we immediately chose the exercise we assess with 100% of our clients. We have seen instant gains in balance and strength and have had it significantly reduce people's pain - this is a power-packed performance drill. Grab your free guide today, and have results in your next workout.

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Learn Detailed Assessment Process

We included an assessment process with a variety of assessment options so you can choose an assessment that matters to you!

Instructional Video Included

A 10-minute instructional video along with a full video transcript is included in the download to ensure your success!

Progress From Beginner to Sport-Specific

After hundreds of sessions and reps of this exercise, we know exactly how to guide you through a progression that works!


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